The quantity of pictures does a 1GB memory card maintain? This can be the most popular concern the electronic buyer inquire,in this article you could find the proper solutions.

At the electronics area where i perform You will find there’s SanDisk chart that displays approximate variety of pictures as selected sizing of memory card can keep less than numerous mega pixel prices. but The amount of pics does a memory card keep, it depends upon your camera pictures’ megapixel ranking and high-quality, the top quality the pic will be the tiny can hold in the preset memory card. As the preferred photos are top quality from two Megapixel to 10 Megapixel.

what is actually with regard to the Picture’s Megapixel It depand on your digicam environment, best way to understand is if you carried out with your camera placing the camera will displays a estimation of shoots remaining to become taken.Then you really ‘ll know The number of shots does a your memory card actually can maintain!

as exhibit the adhere to details: 1MB equals 1 million bytes; 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.

you may know that:For those who have 2G Memory card then:

For a 2MP digital camera, it might hold about 2368 pics.

For a 3MP digital camera, it could keep approximately 1752 photos.

For any 4MP camera, it would keep somewhere around 1077 shots.

For just a 5MP digital camera, it might keep close to 807 pics.

For the 6MP camera, it could hold approximately 673 pictures

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